An analysis of the reasons we should keep the drinking age at twenty one

Back to top What are the short- and long-term term effects of alcohol consumption? Provided to all newly enfranchised drinkers, the course information would present a viable, socially acceptable alternative to binge and goal-oriented drinking—the two activities that lead most often to auto accidents, crime, and overdose.

That is, the adolescent brain maintains a higher level of balance, reaction time, and hand eye coordination while under the same level of impairment as an adult brain. Back to top If a state were to implement an 18 year-old drinking age, how would you keep its borders from becoming "blood borders?

The money that goes towards enforcing the drinking age could then be used for law enforcement and protection of other, more serious crimes that happen in this country. It seems to me that there is little valid argument against leaving the legal drinking age at twenty-one.

Keeping Legal Drinking Age At 21 Saves 900 Lives Yearly: Study

Back to top Would reducing the drinking age be a recipe for public health disaster? Bairdassociate professor of psychology at Vassar College, has spent her career trying to understand what happens with the typical adolescent brain.

Adolescence, broadly defined as the second decade of life, neurologically extends until the age of Let me know what you guys think just by the first few paragraphs or so! The record is mixed. If drinking were less of a clandestine affair, perhaps a teen's peers could model more appropriate behavior for younger participants.

Another study of marijuana use from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee revealed this result: Drink this daily and you may live longer Lowering the drinking age would increase alcohol problems among teens, even at an earlier age.

Furthermore, the amount of drunk driving deaths in the United States has decreased at a slower rate than that European of European countries that have their legal drinking age at eighteen or lower.

Death or injury from alcohol overdose has become a great concern to parents, teachers, high school and college administrators since the drinking age was raised to Surround the house with officers and we would write every single underage person coming out of that house.

Binge drinking is, in the words of one alcohol scholar, "the consumption of large-enough amounts of alcohol in short-enough periods of time to put the drinker and others at risk. Interventions over the past twenty years have succeeded not only in reducing the incidence of impaired driving and the crashes and fatalities that can result from it, but also in changing the norms related to driving after drinking.

Along with Mongolia, Indonesia, Palau and several states in India and Egypt, the United States is an outlier with a minimum purchase age of The enforcement of the current legal drinking age is both time-consuming and overall inefficient; the money and time used towards trying to prevent underage drinking and catch underage drinkers is taking money away from programs and businesses that could use this money much more effectively.

Eighteen year olds are given the opportunity to engage in other pleasurable activities, such as purchasing lottery tickets or gambling when done in moderation, so they should at least be granted to opportunity to partake in the pleasurable activity of drinking. Under the 21 year-old drinking age, fewer young people are drinking, but those who do choose to are drinking more.

This is the one phone call all parents dread. The limbic system, the part of your brain that is involved in processing social and emotional information, develops early in adolescents. Because the United States is among an extremely small minority with a drinking age of 21, drinking by year-old adults does not fall under as intense scrutiny in other parts of the world as it does in America.

Louis, and an author of the study. Researchers found that the risks of suicide and homicide remained higher into adulthood for young people living in states that had lowered their drinking age — but the risks applied only to women.Drunk driving deaths have actually steadily decreased in the past thirty years.

In fact, this trend began occurring sincetwo years before the legal drinking age became twenty-one through the Uniform Drinking Age Act. About lives are saved yearly by laws that keep the legal drinking age in the U.S.

The Debate On Lowering The Drinking Age

at 21, new research shows. Keeping the Drinking Age at By be consequences if we lowered the legal. Keep the drinking age at 21, and give our youth the time and support needed to learn about life, social norms and keeping alcohol in perspective. Discussing the drinking age.

Age 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age A Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) of 21 saves lives and protects health Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) laws specify the legal age when an individual can purchase or publicly consume alcoholic beverages.

Is there any place in the U.S. an year-old can escape the year-old drinking age? For a while, Louisiana was a safe haven for thirsty teens. The 21 drinking age has saved lives and should remain.

By Laura Dean-Mooney, Contributor Sept. 8, By Laura Dean-Mooney, Contributor Sept. 8,at p.m.

An analysis of the reasons we should keep the drinking age at twenty one
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