New ideas on networking

New ideas and networking - grants available

Born black Where they currently live yellow Where they most want to go if time and money were not an issue blue back to top Beach Ball Toss For smaller groups, write several questions on each side of a beach ball.

Speed Networking Like speed dating, everyone has a few minutes to get to know one another before the bell goes off. Invite those who have been without a chair to get to know one another until everyone has a turn sharing something about themselves. This gave attendees a chance to get to know each other better in these smaller groups, further share ideas, and exchange business cards.

True or Opposite Invite everyone to write a word on a post-it and wear it.

Who's Who? Networking Ideas for Meetings and Events

Communication Challenge Break your group into person groups. Tell the group to position their fingers so the stick is horizontal. But sometimes you need to try a few new things to get unstuck. Copyright c Dorie Clark, Give them something if they find a match for one or something really special if they can find someone that matches both of their favorites.

I was talking to two of my coworkers about networking a week or so ago. Not as much fun, but maybe more practical.

Enter everyone you meet into a drawing for a Starbucks gift card at the end of the event. Have lots of post-it notes ready for these. The theme song should have a special meaning to them and they should be ready to tell others why they selected it when they mingle.

Sharing Expectations Assign a scribe at the whiteboard and ask attendees to share their expectations or something they wish they would get out of your event.

Then have them post it at the front of the room so the question does not show. You can then have them stay in these teams for the day or move on to something else. A jumbo marshmallow had to sit on top of the structure without toppling over. In small groups of up to five people ask everyone to think for a minute of one word that describes X insert any topic.

Get attendees in agreement to questions to stand and then they can also see like-minded individuals they might like to talk to later. You could also tie this in with your gift or goody bags and have the design printed on mementos such as bags or t-shirts for the end of the event.

Now there are two sharks looking for different things.

134 social network startup ideas

An especially great idea for people who spend too much time at home on job boards or have trouble talking with strangers. Then encourage mingling while they wear their post-its.

Here are four strategies Samuels advocates to make your networking event more fun for everyone. If you are using a polling technology merge this with an ice breaking opportunity by asking for discussion with the person next to them around some of the answers. Upon that line place a long, thin PVC pipe.

And have more productive conversations. Toilet Roll Challenge Give each table or small group a toilet roll and ask everyone to take some, without explaining the reason.

For instance, a ball could also be used as a paperweight. The purpose is to circulate the hoop around the circle without dropping it and without breaking the chain. For instance, those who love chocolate must switch seats if asked if they do.Find and save ideas about Networking events on Pinterest.

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Delegates consistently rank networking as one of the leading reasons they attend business events. Finding new and novel ways to help them connect can give your event a leading edge.

Creative networking ideas are out there. What are you doing to get out of the house, get seen and be remembered while networking for a new job? Here are a few. Creative networking ideas are out there.

What are you doing to get out of the house, get seen and. Okay, but this is supposed to be networking, right? How do you meet new people? Well, that can be crazy simple too. Asking for ideas allows the people you are talking with to add value to you.

New ideas on networking
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