Photos that changed the world

Music is a universal language that we all understand. The photos emerged in and sparked widespread outrage: An iconic cityscape that no longer has two of its major elements. It became a testament to American innovation and dedication. V-J Day in Times Square; Alfred Eisenstaedt, No image said more about the relief Americans felt at the end of World War II than this classic image of a sailor sweeping a nurse into his arms for a kiss when hearing the war had ended.

The stories made headlines when photos like the above surfaced. It captured the moment when a soldier, Hans Conrad risked his life by escaping from the east communist block by leaping over a barbed fence.

Each day that passes, we get closer in terms of globalization. Without warning, their planes bombed cities including the capital Photos that changed the world, thus starting the WW2 Although Massery would later express regret for her actions, the photo showed the nation and the world the heated strife in the Southern United States.

This image of the mushroom cloud caused by the bomb is etched on the collective imagination. However, Truman pulled ahead and won, making the papers inaccurate and leading to this classic image of a newly minted president showing the dangers of sloppy journalism.

From global-scale events to domestic and familiar occurrences, photography has shaped the way we remember things. In almost all cases it can be counted upon to be quiet, comfortable, fast and reliable. On 27th Maythe mass evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk commenced.

Pele's World Cup Final Performance year-old Pele cries on the shoulder of Didi as teammates Gilmar and Orlando congratulate him on his fantastic performance in the World Cup final.

Stories behind iconic photos that changed the world

Her military state funeral was held on Saturday 2 February in St. The site of Reagan in front of the gate is a key one in 20th century history. On August 25th, after 4years of occupation, the French tricolore was hoisted once again over Paris. There was seldom mail, often; the only letters they got were of Dear Johns.

There was shooting all around and people thought the soldiers were responsible for it. Lynching; Lawrence Beitler, Thousands of whites descended on an Indiana park to hang a pair of black men accused of raping a white woman.

Brazil were a goal down until a17 year old newcomer, Pele, equalised with a stunning goal. James Gordon This worldwide benefit was held for the tsunami victims of the Indian Ocean Earthquake.

Hans Conrad Schumann jumping across fence in West Berlin, This image captured the desperation in the ongoing cold war. There were major aerial raids attacks in which more than tonnes of high explosives were dropped on 16 British cities.

Photos: How the Harlem Globetrotters Changed the World

The Hindenburg zeppelin catches fire on May 6, Ronald Reagan is most recognized for his inspiring speech in the history of presidents. A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in Remember to look back over your family photos and photos of your local area — it's a great way to appreciate what can happen over time as it flashes before our eyes.

Overcome by the emotional toll of covering the famine and other horrors in earlys Sudan, Carter committed suicide injust months after capturing this incredible moment. Then, out of nowhere, comes a new car from a company with a new name.

Image by Unsplash Major events in our modern and contemporary times are widely known and remembered thanks to photography. He was in one of the concentration camps and was later freed. Pakistan was then declared a separate nation from Britain on the 14 August But with hindsight, the Type 53 was the first car to land upon the peculiarly intuitive arrangement of control surfaces that we now consider conventional.

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Stories behind iconic photos that changed the world SOME are distressing, others are intriguing, a few are horrifying. But all these iconic photos managed to.

It’s obvious the world has changed a lot since the beginning of recorded history, but it’s not often we stop to notice just how much (or, in some cases, how little) things have changed.

The website re-photos encourages photographers to recreate historic pictures of places and people in order to. Explore the stories behind images that changed the world, selected by TIME and an international team of curators. And watch our new series of original short documentaries that tell the surprising stories behind the pictures.

I wonder whether any of the things changed the world at all!!! Whether fotos change the world or not -- one can add 1) the "bombs" dropping on Japan by the most civilized nations; 2) the tank-facing-youth at Tianenman square.

Photos that changed the world
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