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However, the reason behind some of these superstitions can be scientific. According to dictionary, superstition is a belief in something not justified by reason or evidence. Usually we touch the feet of our elders or the pious ones. Sweeping the house at night is not good.

These superstitions have been given the cover of the religion so that ordinary people would follow them and keep out of danger. It also requested that a disclaimer be added to advertisements about astrology, Vaastu ShastraFeng Superstitions and indiatarot cards etc. Removing evil eye Nazar Utaarna Putting a little dot of kohl on the side of a child's forehead is very common in India.

Sneezing is a natural Superstitions and india and it is very hard to stop it voluntarily. Well, there is a simple soloution to this mind bobbling problem. They are found in every society, country, culture, and religion. If a black cat crosses your path, it's a bad omen Just because they are black cats?

Just like The Number 13, 3 is also rendered to be unlucky in various sorts, like going to do some work in a group Superstitions and india 3 would surely give a negative output.

Friday the 13th has been considered the unluckiest day of the month. I have seen people changing their whole route just because a black cat crossed their way, and if by mistake, they walk the path crossed by the cat, the fear in their mind is so prominent that something bad surely happens with them, although the cat is not the reason of it.

Seeing a peacock on a journey is also considered lucky. In no manner can this combination cause vitiligo. Since it is related to eyes, there are many scientific reasons behind the twitching of the eyes. The law also curbs sales and promotion of so-called miracle drugs and cures.

Bribing God in India is more of a culture than that of a superstition. Romans were the one who tagged to the broken mirror a sign of seven years bad luck. Usually, the belief is that it brings luck. They are also supposed to stay away from temples, mosques and all religious spots in the house itself.

It can be cured with things found in the home like sugar, water, or with medications. Are you going out?

MY VIEW: I Found That 5 Common Superstitions in India Actually Had Logical Explanations!

Though the use of it has not been proved scientifically, lots of people have very positive experiences. The carriage animals get past big cats like leopards, hyenas and jackals foxes.

It is also believed that if one steps on one of the discarded totkas, one invites the evil influence that the charm has gathered. In old days, people used to look for good or bad signs before leaving the home or before doing important things. Sweeping the house at night is not good. This way, the first person will have all the bad luck and you won't.

Hiccup is a natural process which happens due to some problem in the digestive system. There are many different myths associated with the bats in different countries and culture which adds up to bats being an bad omen. These superstitions just divert our mind from the path described by us, which leads to distortion of the task or the in completion of the task, which is devised by our mind as a consequence of that superstition.

Would you want the enemy knowing exactly where to lob a grenade because you lit the pathway for him? Actually, an average person can also do this if he knows the trick. So, they all cannot be wrong.

This can often be a good omen.In a land full of superstitions, picking only 12 wasn’t easy. Indians are known throughout the world as being one of the most superstitious people around. Many of us follow customs that have no basis. Top 10 Famous Indian Superstitions.

Indian Beliefs, Superstitions, and Hindu Astrology

Article by Sanya Jain, June 7, Ours is a country where superstitions abound. Some have their basis in religious beliefs, others in scientific facts and still others in no conceivable reason. Indian beliefs and superstitions are passed down from generation to faiths have sprung with an objective to protect from evil spirits, but some were based on scientific reasoning.

Astrology is an integral part of Indian culture. Even today many people prefer to do good things such as entering a newly made home. Nov 20,  · Thanks for watching my videos Pasand aaye to subscribe jaroor kar lena Like or share bhi kar lena Dosto mera chanel subscribe kar lena please Love You take c.

Oct 06,  · Like any other country, India has its own beliefs and superstitions.

20 Amazing Real Truth Behind Superstitious Beliefs In Indian Culture

This article will help you expand your knowledge of the culture and understand how these superstitions came to currclickblog.coms: Oct 06,  · Indian beliefs and superstitions are passed down from generation to generation.

Most of these beliefs sprung up to provide protection from evil spirits, but some were based on scientific reasoning. Though Indian society is fast progressing, there are many people who are still superstitious and have a strong faith in these local currclickblog.coms:

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Superstitions and india
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