Tda 2 8 health and safety

Premises must have fire extinguishers and fire blankets for the kitchen. Employers must identify and reduce any possible hazards. Fire exits must be unlocked and free from obstruction. Carry out daily risk assessment in the setting. Barriers are removed or minimised and the environment is adapted, personalised support, resources or equipment is provided.

It can also be done in other ways when you prejudge before you actually have knowledge of the facts. Fire Precautions Workplace Regulations All staff should have knowledge of the evacuation procedures and practice regular fire drills.

Separate sinks used for hand washing and preparing food. Record any accidents, injuries or incidents in the accident book. Once givenrecord in a book: Promoting anti discriminatory practice: Food Handling Regulations When handling food, staff must wash hands before preparing food.

Work surface are cleaned before and after preparing food. Children can also discriminate other children because of race, language or culture by not allowing them to play with them or seeing them differently through these means.

Record any accidents, injuries or incidents in the accident book.

Tda 8 1 Health and Safety

Legislation Linked to policy at work setting Health and Safety at Work Act Employer responsible for provide a safe work condition. Individuals should consider how to operate devices in a safe manner. Inclusive practices is about understanding and breaking down barriers to include children in all school activities this ensures that children feel valued and gives them confidence in their ability.

If it was ignored the child could also feel that you share the same view of the perpetrator or believe that the way they are being treated is normal, they may feel inferior and in the very least they will feel you did not protect their rights. This is done by firstly understanding the barriers to their learning and then putting into place intervention strategies or additional support which raises achievement for pupils and helps them to recognise they have potential and it gives them a sense of identity.

The teacher must know the needs of the individual and potential barriers which may be confronted this is normally done in the setting with a group of children who have the same ability and the groups may be divided so more attention can be given to children which helps the teacher and teaching assistant listen to children and involve them in their own learning.

The school works in partnership with other services, for example, speech and language therapists or educational psychologists, to ensure that children and young people receive appropriate professional support.


Asthma halers and adrenalin pens should not be locked away and be quickly and easily accessible. Manual Handling Operations Regulations Individuals should consider the weight of the equipment and how it should be used, carried or moved in a manner that does not put strain on the body.

Fire exits must be unlocked and free from obstruction. Intervention sessions are implemented in the school to groups of individuals to give them equality of opportunity so they can receive the support they needs to progress.

Tda 8 1 Health and Safety

You should examine your own attitude and values critically in order to get the best out of the children you are working with, when the children realise you as a teacher are understanding and appreciating differences this will also have an positive impact on them and their development.

The differentiation in the childrens ability needs to be understood in order to apply the practices in the school. Electric socket covers are in place. The UK government ratified the treaty in and must ensure the rights of the children in the UK are protected through law.

Disability discrimination act Places a duty for schools to produce a disability equality scheme DES and an access plan. To value and promote this in the school increases knowledge of different ways of life and children understand to respect all differences, children become aware of diversity, children feel accepted and it causes integration which is better for the community.

Wet floors are wiped. It is what gives groups of people in our society their identity. Store food safely at correct temperature. Equal opportunities does not mean treating pupils the same rather it means treating the child according to their needs so they have access to the same oppurtunities.

All waste must be discarded hygienically Separate chopping board used for vegetable, fruits and meat products. Carry out daily risk assessment in the setting. Children may discriminate other pupils without even knowing and staff could also with a lack of knowledge and may only realise when they get a response from the one who was discriminated.

All people in the school also have induction training days or activity days where everything is based around health and safety to encourage to be more safe in the setting, the training covers many or all aspects of health and safety including risk assessments, COSHH control of substances hazardous to healthfirst aid treatment and RIDDOR.

Policies and procedures should be checked annually to ensure everything is in order. The teacher is responsible for planning activities and should be aware of the environment around the children when doing so, taking into consideration the amount of space there is for the activity and the surrounding of the area if its an outdoor activity.TDA Support children and young people’s Health and Safety.

Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone but ultimately it is the responsibility of the Health and Safety officer (head teacher) to oversee and monitor. TDA Health & Safety Describe how current health & Safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting.

Legislation Summary Affect within School COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Duties and standards on all aspects of control of substances hazardous to health including chemicals, dust, micro-organisms.


2 and 1. 3 Describe how health and safety is monitored in the setting and how staff are made aware of risks and hazards The school health and safety representative (the head teacher,**** in the case of **** School) carries out safety checks on a regular basis. TDA Support children and young people s health and safety Supporting children and young peoples health and safety is essential when working in an/5(1).

TDA 28 Health Safety11 Describe how Words | 7 Pages. TDA Health & Safety Describe how current health & Safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting. SB S3 OVERVIEW OF OPERATIONS AND SUPPORT a. The U. S. Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA), Operations and Support Directorate (MCMR-MMO) is the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) focal point for all aspects.

Tda 2 8 health and safety
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