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The ambition of the museum is to spread knowledge of the Swedish history of Internet and to preserve the digital heritage. Mobile telepresence[ edit ] Inthe National Museum of Australia and the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO trialled a virtual museum tour system that uses mobile telepresence technology and requires a high-speed broadband connection.

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UMA is offering exhibitions through the world art history, it's not connected to one top topic, country or region. The museum makes some of its collections and exhibits available online for people and students who want to get a taste of what the museum can offer, including works from Franz Marc, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, and Jeff Koons.

Take these five virtual tours of museums in your pajamas without bothering to pay the price of an admission ticket. You can see a listing of all the virtual tours around the museum on the left sidebar. Women and the Global Economy" The space also includes an oral history recording room where additional stories can be recorded and archived.

There have been introduced various kinds of imaging techniques for building virtual museums, such as infrared reflectography, X-ray imaging, 3D laser scanningIBMR Image Based Rendering and Modeling techniques.

Anchoring the rear of the gallery, a three level observation deck and elevator tower, resembling a ship's superstructure, Virtual museum tour visitors of the strong Navy-Marine Corps partnership. For further information about this project, contact Lisa Berquist at telcomhist aol.

Nine leading contemporary artists created site-specific, gallery-sized installations and you can navigate through the halls of the museum to explore them. Site design and creation by Jeff Georgeson Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Telecommunications, a collection of sites dedicated to the preservation of telecommunications history.

The leading international conference in the field of museums and their websites is the annual Museums and the Web conference. This site was developed to make the assets, processes and successes of the communications industry available to all for research and enjoyment.

Includes several Docent Interviews on the history of the Sikorsky and a detailed 3-D model. Includes photo galleries of the exhibit images. For instance, you can place the mouse pointer over the text to the left to find out more about that area of the museum.

Hovering your mouse over the left or right edges of the screen reveals navigation arrows which allow you to advance through panoramas in a set order these arrows are always visible on mobile devices.

Many visitors also know it as the main building of the Hermitage Museum. A post shared by International Spy Museum spymuseum on Jan 1, at 6: The museum is operated by historians and other scientists from Belarus, based on a private initiative. The INMG is dedicated to exploring current debates and topics in art history: Virtual Museum of Canada — Canada 's national virtual museum.

This area of the museum highlights the histories of those companies, large and small, historic and contemporary. This really strikes a chord with me as an international educator, working in a British curriculum school in the Middle East.

It is a real museum, including a Collection, Exhibitions and a Database, and is the result of international cooperation between museums and cultural heritage organisations, based on the MWNF methodology. Looking Around As you browse a panorama, be sure to take in the full x degree field of view; there are often interesting sights and exhibits above and behind, and sometimes below you!

The Wentworth Museum, a highlight of the self-guided touris a general history museum with galleries dedicated to both permanent and changing exhibits. Explore the Museum of Communications, the most complete collection of working switches in the US.

It also allows access to our research expertise. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History It is part of the largest museum complex in the world run by the Smithsonian Institution and is also the most popular. Tour this exhibit to learn why we have and need telecommunications and how it has changed over the years.

You can directly go to a spot by using the map.The foundation of the most ancient publicly owned museums in the world dates back towhen Pope Sixtus IV donated a group of bronze statues, previously housed in the Lateran, to the people of Rome.

There are two buildings - the Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo –which, along with the Palazzo Senatorio, mark the limits of Piazza del Campidoglio. The Dinosaur Museum: An Unforgettable, Interactive Virtual Tour Through Dinosaur History [National Geographic Society, Sebastian Quigley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Young, eager paleontologists wanted. Apply within. We need YOUR expertise!

The State Hermitage Museum

So step inside The Dinosaur Museum. The ultimate interactive virtual experience of Apple world. Explore the biggest Apple exhibition in 3D online! Le musée national du Bardo est un joyau du patrimoine Tunisien.

Logé dans un ancien palais beylical du XIXème siècle, il retrace à travers ses collections une grande partie de l’histoire de la Tunisie. Virtual Exhibitions. Bruegel the Elder; Special Loans; Programs. Browse Programs; Concerts. Virtual tour works on iPhones and iPads; otherwise, Adobe Flash Player 9/10 or higher is required.

Museum. The Frick Collection. 1 East 70th Street New York, NY Visit | Hours | Holidays Children under 10 not admitted. The State Hermitage Museum From the s onwards the Winter Palace was the main residence of the Russian Tsars.

Magnificently located on the bank of the Neva River, this Baroque-style palace is perhaps St. Petersburg's most impressive attraction.

Virtual museum tour
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